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We buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's, running or not

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Plan your pull

• Know which part(s) you need. It can be helpful to bring the broken part(s) for reference. 
• Bring cash for the $2/person entrance fee.
• Check the Pricelist and bring any parts you are replacing that have core charges to reduce your cost!
• Familiarize yourself with the yard map. It will help you find the vehicles you want to check. 
• Wheelbarrows, engine hoists, and manual tire break down machines are available for use free of charge. 
• Take only what you need. Assemblies may have several connected parts with separate charges. 

Yard rules

We recommend personal safety equipment like gloves, boots, and safety glasses. 

Only hand tools and battery-powered tool are allowed.

No jacks or cutting torches permitted.

Pets and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. 

Must be 16+ to enter the yard.  Child care and waiting rooms are not available. 

I-PULL by Intermountain

3015 N 15th E

Idaho Falls, ID